The bath in a sauna: for the first time
Before starting, you should follow some things: Never visit a sauna if you are stressed because it influences the digestibility of a sauna. Further, do not go to the sauna if you are hungry or have eaten too much because both increase the danger of a collapse.
Only pack the right equipment and of you go:
-Sauna towel: extra long bath towel with two different colored or patterned sides. After every sauna you lay or sit down one the same side of the towel which absorbs the running sweat. Besides this hygienically aspect the towel can be used to distance oneself from others.
-1 or 2 towel for drying
-A good warming bathrobe
-Swimwear ( for times between saunas)
-Cleaning / Cosmetic products ( shower gel,…)
-Reading matter ( a book or magazine for relaxation)

Everything about Sauna, types of sauna, attachment and specialities
Like every place where people come together there are a set of rules for cooperation. For own relaxation and for those of other guest it is important to stick to the rules. Moreover, those „Do’s and Don’ts” is useful for an as high as possible hygiene.
-showering before going to sauna and then dry yourself and do not go wet into sauna
-a sauna is used naked
-The sauna towel must lie under your whole body for avoiding that sweat drops down onto the lounger so that it can stay clear and dry for other guests
-Do not speak much and loud, other come for relaxation
-Before making a brew you have to ask the other guests
-Do not wipe or scrape off your sweat
-Take a short shower after sauna and before going to the plunge pool
To sauna means to heat up a cool down your body twice or thrice in rotation. Further, visiting a sauna needs a preparation stage and a final stage and all in all a visit takes time between two and three hours.

Bath routine
1.Preparation stage
-cleaning shower
-dry oneself sauna ( repeat it two or three times)
-eventually taking a bath for warming feet
-sauna ( between 10 and 15 minutes)
-eventually taking a short shower
-taking a fresh air bath
-use of cold water
-if necessary: plunge pool
-warming feet with a bath
-relaxation stage/ break stage
-relaxation stage
-showering and care of your body

How it works
What is the secret of Banja and the sauna? Why do millions of people go regularly to a sauna and like this way to sweat? Probably, the secret is the way something works. By taking a sauna bath the air is heated up to 80 or 90°C. The air works as a kind of mediator which pass on the air to the body which gets hotter and you began to sweat. For regulating the heat the body emit liquid to the outside, especially from the blood which thickens. The body tries to balance this loss by transporting water out of the body tissue (hier: Körpergewebe) into the blood. Together with the water toxins are transported into the blood which gets discharged via the sweat. The appearance of the skin and the metabolism get animated.

Often a brew is made for heating up the skin a bit more. In this case, Banjasteine have a special agreeable effect by creating the typical soft sauna steam. The steam lay down on the skin and creates a special appeal of heat. The water that is used for brews often contains essentials oils and essences and through the steam different reactions and moods can be activated. Some examples: lemon balm works relaxing, rosemary stimulating, camomile calms the skin down, eucalyptus pine needles is agreeable for respiratory tracts and the smell of citrus fruits has an effect on nervousness and loss of concentration.

During the next step the body cools down with air or water. The refreshing and stimulating cooling is as important as the relaxing and calming warmth. It doesn’t matter which cooling method you use or prefer because the effect is always the same: regulation of the body temperature down to normal 36,7 to 37°C, stimulation the kidney functions, calming the heart rate, a training for blood vessels which contract and also, it has an effect on the support of the blood saturation.

The alternating hot and cold water baths have following effects:
-relaxation of musculature and stress reduction
-skin cleaning and support of new cell formation
-stimulation of metabolism
-strengthen the body's defences
-regulation of high blood pressure
-improvement of blood circulation
-increase the well-being

„Kühl bis ans Herz hinan.” (Goethe)
Every person determines the time of taking a shower individually and by the way, it exist a rule that you have to cool down from the outside to the heart. Fore those who like a more extreme way than taking a cold shower have the opportunity to go into the plunge pool. This is a real challenge for each beginner and often it is refused. For those who likes it even cooler it exist the possibility to cool down in a special kind of way: in winter they can lay down into the snow.