Do you know who invented the sauna
and from which country it comes from?

Originally, the Banja comes from Russia. In contrast to the Finnish sauna the Russian one contains more humidity and the Banja traditional is heated with a wood-burning stove up to a temperature between 70°C and 90°C. Regularly, brews are made by pouring a lot of water over the hot stones of the stove which results in reaching a high humidity so that the heat can work more effective. Both, Sauna and Banja are made of wood and sometimes the Banja is equipped with a “first floor” inside. Ideally, the Banja is composed of three rooms: one steam room, one washing room and one room for relaxation.

The precursor of today’s sauna
In steam bath made of stone steaming is made through heated stones and this is a very old cultural asset of humanity which goes back to the Stone Age. It is assumed that the steam bath made of stone comes together with the nations of East Asia, where first finds were discovered and started to spread out from North to Mid to South America. You can find this kind of bath also the Eskimos in Alaska as well as at the Native Americans of North – Mid- and South America. From East Asia and together with the nations it spreads out to the Ural Mountains. First written documents exist since two-and-a-half million years. At last, it was spread through the whole Mediterranean.