Banjasteine are in a pleasant way different
soft sauna steam
slow evaporation – no heat waves
big evaporation-surface

Banjasteine are excellent for increasing
humidity in sauna. These stones are different.
Strictly speaking, these stones are the
opposite of well known stones consisting of
granite. Banjasteine are porous and soak up
the water. This causes no heat waves and do
not lead to abrupt evaporation. Instead, water
evaporates gradually over a long period of time and it develops a special pleasant feeling. As a result of the bigger evaporation surface of Banjasteine their unique and typical soft sauna steam is created. Banjasteine directly come from nature and smell like wood and after some brews this smell disappears. Some people say unfortunately… We recommend washing the stones before the first usage. Banjasteine are always loosely stacked up.